Converting nonwovens

Effe 4 has been the leading company in the manufacture and marketing of nonwoven fabrics since 1993; its ongoing research and the technologies applied to the manufacturing processes, together with continuous automation of production processes and a vast experience accrued in its 20 years working in the textile sector means that the company has been able, in recent years, to expand its horizons.
Effe 4 deals with: sale and manufacturing of nonwoven fabrics (spunlace) in rolls, sheets or bales, and production of material for mop manufacture.
Effe 4 operates on the main European and non-European markets: Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Hungary, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Cyprus, Serbia, South Africa, Egypt, Venezuela, Australia, etc.
Constant care about and careful selection of raw materials from all over the world make Effe 4’s products unique.

nonwovens industry
September 2016